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I'm a lifelong hacker and tech industry enthusiast. I've made a lasting impact on Google Cloud AI, given over one hundred talks and programming workshops in a dozen countries, worked at an AI startup, consulted for over one hundred companies, and contributed to two operating systems. I'm not a web designer.

In 2022, I moved to Canada with my wonderful wife, Jordan Bueche, where she started her first medical practice. We may stay here if a I can find a good work opportunity. Otherwise, we will likely return to Silicon Valley.

I'm currently looking for my next ambition. I would like to impact my local community or technology market if possible. However, I am interested in any opportunity to get involved in an organization looking to accomplish something of substance. If you have a lead, connect with me on LinkedIn.

Toby trail running
2024 Diez Vista 25k Mountain Race, Port Moody, BC